Socialism or Monopoly Capitalism?

Our world is clearly suffering from monopoly capitalism

Klaus Madersbacher


"You will own nothing and you will be happy" - this is the central message the currently leading elites are presenting our future prospects to us.


Who determines what is good for people and what is bad, who is it to decide what the future should look like into which humanity and the planet should be developing?

People do not want an infinitely rich clique of a few multi-billionaires with bought governments, media, universities, scientists and experts to just run over them. The people themselves want to determine their future and the future of their children and their children's children. This future must correspond to the interests of the people and not to the interests of a financial system running out of control.

According to Karl Marx, monopoly capitalism is a developmental phase of capitalism in which, through concentration, centralization and the formation of cartels in broad sectors of the economy, the hitherto competition is largely eliminated or takes on other forms. In this phase, oligarchs, large landowners and large corporations have a dominant position (monopoly) at least in the key industries.

"And as soon as the formation of capital fell exclusively into the hands of a few ready-made big capitals, the animating fire of production would be extinguished at all." (Karl Marx)

So far a few things to think about our situation on May 1, 2023. Orientation definitely is needed and helpful in the propaganda fog in which we are kept.


To be continued ...

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  The presstitute media report almost daily on the well-being of the British royal family and its relatives. Who with whom, who against whom, etc. are the questions one almost cannot escape.

The fact that we are dealing here with the highest authority of the country, which, far away from the rule of law, is staging a reissue of the medieval hunger tower for Julian Assange - a "subject," by the way, of the former colony of Australia - before the eyes of the entire world, goes unmentioned.

This outrageous break with contemporary civilization clearly proves that the so-called Western "culture" together with its "values" ("human rights," "rule of law," etc.) is not worth a damn, especially since its "guardians" remain silent about these scandalous events.

What does the new king have to say about this? Does he intend to start his reign by putting right before wrong, rather than mercy before justice?

Klaus Madersbacher, antikrieg.com

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