The new German way is a good way

Klaus Madersbacher


On antikrieg.com the Corona swindle has been treated from the beginning as what it really is - a swindle, behind which the biggest crisis of the capitalist/imperialist system is to be hidden.

As history shows the "way out" of such crises usually is unleashing a war.

As history also shows, people are only rarely ready/willing to go to war and risk life and limb for interests that are not their own. Therefore they must be made compliant and/or must be forced to act against their own interests and risk their lives and the well-being of their families without getting anything in return except perhaps coming home with a healthy skin, as Nazi leader Hermann Göring said.

From this point of view enabling totalitarian measures - in this case under the cover of fighting a virus disease - must be seen as a dangerous move since dictatorship ultimately serves to prepare for a new war.

We do not want that, do we?

While the top brass of the German military behave like the old Nazi generals making plans to conquer the world, it is known that these braggarts are more or less Washington´s puppets, just like their comrades in the other NATO countries, all of whom are under the command of the United States of America. Of course, the Germans and the public of these states are not supposed to realize this, which is why in this case, too, it is pretended that everything is quite different.

Honestly - should Germans risk their skin for Uncle Sam? Anyone who wants to is free to do so ...

We should be aware that the establishment of a dictatorship in Germany is exclusively in Washington's interest. The few old/new Nazis in the leadership are at most staffage. For the right wingers - "nationally minded" people - one can only hope that they will finally come to their senses and take care of the future of Germany and its people instead of chasing after immigrants, "Islamist terror", or whatever bait is thrown at them.

Or do you want to conquer Russia and China, on behalf of Big Brother?

Well, such things come to my mind right after waking up in the morning. Maybe this is already a sign of depression?

I have found a good way to get myself into a good mood. Meanwhile I downloaded quite a few of the available videos of the great CORONA INFO TOUR and other people´s activities from the internet before they could be deleted, which nowadays quite often is done by Google, YouTube etc. in order not to disturb the public and to keep "democracy" clean.

Like life itself the stations of the ingenious black bus and its crew unfold, each an experience of a special kind. To get an impression of how things are going on on the rallies you find some links here (example 1 - example 2 - example 3 - example 4 - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Berlin) and many links on coronaversteher.com website.

Who are these rebellious people, where do they come from? Clearly recognizable they are "common folk", "people from the street", most of whom had never taken part in a demonstration before. They feel that they are heading in the direction of a new dictatorship if they do not fight back.

Dictatorship in Germany? Soon after the beginning of the "Corona pandemic" some doctors began to get suspicious and took a closer look at the matter. Contrary to the instructions of the highest epidemic authority Robert Koch-Institut (RKI) the forensic physician professor Püschel in Hamburg didn´t let himself restrict from autopsying all those who allegedly died of Corona and found that none of them had died of the disease although being infected. So the "killer virus" was by no means as dangerous as was hyped by the regime and its shills.

An extensive investigation of a major outbreak of the disease by a professor Streek also clearly showed that the horrific stories spread by the regime and its "experts" did not correspond to the facts but served to spread fear and terror among the population with horror prophecies, supported and accompanied by the howling of virtually all mass media, which, by the way, continues to this day trying to heat up the mass panic.

A lockdown with devastating consequences for economy and society made clear that there was much more at stake than "fighting a pandemic". Memories of the Nazi takeover in 1933 were awakened. The new movement had an anti-fascist character from the beginning and was strictly non-partisan.

Out of concern for the social and political development in Germany some scientists and doctors went public. Together with activists the "QUERDENKEN" ("Lateral Thinking") movement was formed in a number of German cities and began to organize rallies. "Querdenken Stuttgart 711" under the leadership of Michael Ballweg was from the very beginning leading in organizing the powerful demonstrations in Berlin on August 1 and 29.

The "QUERDENKEN" movement began with a series of rallies in a number of cities and places, in which more and more people participated and also appeared as speakers. QUERDENKEN is an authentic citizen movement to prevent a new fascism, independent of parties and other interest groups.

If this is not a popular movement I don´t know what a popular movement is. A people's movement apparently without a Central Committee, a genuine people's movement, as one can clearly see. A unique popular movement, as is perhaps possible only in Germany, whose people have suffered two lost world wars within one century.

Another movement is the "CORONA INFO TOUR". A team of four men consisting of physician Bodo Schiffmann, Wolfgang Greulich, Samuel Eckert and lawyer Ralf Ludwig is traveling by a black bus to cities and towns and holding rallies. Besides they´re running a system of leaflets that can be downloaded and printed and reach always bigger numbers of people. "We are many - and we´re always getting more" is their motto. How true!

The proponents of CORONA INFO TOUR deserve the full support and applause of all of us in every respect. Their strict request to the participants to remain peaceful, which always is being observed, obviously paralyzes the readiness for violence by the police, who is rendered powerless and often is laughed at for their foolish orders concerning "social distancing" and other nonsense.

The statement of the Leipzig police chief that there is no point in using the police to fight a pandemic will not have pleased the regime in Berlin but it will certainly go down well with the German people.

The ingenious Bodo Schiffmann and his comrades-in-arms Samuel Eckert, Wolfgang Greulich and Ralf Ludwig in the black bus are the ones who give me hope and send the depressions to hell where they belong! Their speeches together with their actions belong to the finest I have heard and seen for a long time!

No regime has a chance against a people that does not submit. That the German people do not submit is new, but all the more encouraging!

The whole world is looking to Germany.

  antikrieg.com, November 20, 2020, also posted on Paul Craig Roberts´ website  
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