War in Afghanistan or war against Afghanistan?

Klaus Madersbacher


We remember: the war against Afghanistan was started by U.S. President George W. Bush shortly after 9/11. According to the legend - it´s called "narrative" nowadays - the Americans understandably were angry and simply had to react; on the other side the stubborn Taliban did not want to hand over the alleged chief terrorist Osama bin Laden but insisted on a procedure according to international legal norms. This overstrained Bush´s tolerance and he had to give the order to attack.

According to the presstitutes, politicians, "experts", "scientists" and contemporary historians - with few exceptions - it will have been like that.

Or not.

It all began long before September 11, 2001, and since it usually takes decades for the archives to be opened, it also took a correspondingly long time for the various "conspiracy theories," according to which the United States of America had already attempted in the 1950s to strengthen its influence in this strategically (for its pursuit of world domination, which is not new) important country through targeted subversive work, to be substantiated by files of the CIA and other U.S. authorities released in the meantime. By the way, Iran is not far away, where they could successfully stage a coup in 1953 - Afghanistan apparently at least initially was able to defend itself better against such American attempts of interference.

By the way, Afghanistan (as well as Iran) at that time was by no means an "Islamic theocracy". For all the madness of "religiously motivated wars" we may give our thanks to Washington - Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Brzeszinski & Co. - thank you, thank you, thank you. Unfortunately, Vietnam was not enough to put a stop to these criminals. And as we´re at it: Afghanistan was not attacked by the Soviet Union, but the Soviet Union was called to help by the Afghan government against the terrorist groups who - trained, equipped and financed by the United States of America - set fire to the previously peaceful country (the most recent development in Syria went similar until evil Putin spoiled the game of the good West). Osama bin Laden played a leading role in the newly emerging "Islamic" or "Islamist" movement as Washington's agent and traitor to the people of Afghanistan.

How things developed then one can perhaps learn from books which are unfortunately not known to me.

Then came famous 9/11

To many people the burning towers of the WTC have burned into their brains to such an extent that there is no room for further thought on the subject. Even from the "Truth about 9/11!" movement, things can be heard that point to a very extensive mental barrier - taboo?

Little is known about the fact that a few hours after the collapse of the two Twin Towers another high-rise building, WTC Building 7, collapsed in the same way. After a number of physicists, architects, structural engineers etc. have clearly stated that it is impossible according to the laws of physics to cause skyscrapers to collapse with airplanes, the reference to the WTC7, which "collapsed without an airplane having flown in", is not uncommon. What should we say? That the earth is still not flat, or that skyscrapers do not collapse in free fall in the midst of huge clouds of dust without appropriate explosive charges (nanothermite has been proven), or that airplanes cannot penetrate massive steel structures like hot knives would penetrate butter? Or that a passenger plane does not disappear into thin air when it allegedly flies into the Pentagon. Or what mysterious things are rumored behind the scenes or not ... Because taboos have to be kept. Besides - if nobody knows, then you do not need to know it yourself either ...

9/11 was a crime, not a war

Looking at the events of 11 September 2001 - "9/11" - as a crime it is noticeable that in contrast to any minor theft this crime was neither investigated nor led to an indictment or conviction. It took about a year for the relatives of the victims of 9/11 to persuade their president to initiate an investigation. This then resulted in the infamous NIST report, which can be easily refuted by anyone who paid a little attention in physics class. Osama bin Laden never appeared on the FBI's Wanted list, nobody knows what happened to the "terrorists" on the wanted list, but that doesn't matter. Only the passport of the "leader of the terrorists" Muhammed Atta survived the events of 9/11 unscathed - an angel/devil? carried it out of the fire hell of the WTCs to provide irrefutable proof of his perpetration.

After extensive torture some of Osama bin Laden´s assistants "confessed" to have been in charge of the organization of 9/11 and in addition responsible for all major crimes lately. Judicial proceedings are still pending (?), here we will probably have to wait for the Last Judgement.

All this, of course, has nothing to do with the rule of law, but is ordered by the highest authorities and supported by a regime that constantly preaches hypocritical sermons about human rights and the rule of law to the whole world.

It's a good thing that they cannot ban physics.

The PATRIOT-Act was ready in the drawer

Not to forget: the "PATRIOT Act" (USA PATRIOT Act stands for Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001) - the comprehensive body of legislation was ready for decision in the House of Representatives and Senate within a few days and was passed by an overwhelming majority on 25 October 2001. Since it usually takes much longer to pass any simple law, it can be assumed that the extensive PATRIOT Act has already been ready in the drawer waiting for the appropriate occasion ...

The attack by the United States of America against Afghanistan took place on 7 October 2001.

The war of the United States of America against Afghanistan is a war of aggression according to International law, it is a crime against peace. Those who take part in it are guilty of complicity.

antikrieg.com, 3. September 2018

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