"Retaliation" is Crime against Peace

Klaus Madersbacher


The attack on Syria on 13 April 2018 by the newest "international community" - this time a gang of three: the United States of America, the United Kingdom and France - actually is nothing new at all. All those involved, plus NATO and the "Western camp" cronies, have been terrorizing the people of Syria and devastating the country for years.

As with all other attacks on sovereign countries, this is clearly the most serious crime under international law, namely the crime against peace. After World War II a number of Nazi leaders were hanged for having committed this crime.

In contrast to today, there was no "crime against peace" at that time; this particular crime was defined in the course of the war crimes trial in Nuremberg and integrated into international law.

Far from being innocent the German leaders were convicted and hanged for crimes that are recognizable as worst crimes by any reasonable ordinary person, but which, according to international law in force at the time, nominally did not exist as written law.

That´s different today: for more than 70 years, the "crime against peace - planning, preparing and conducting a war of aggression" - has been enshrined in international law.

No nation has the right to attack another nation for any reason whatsoever.

It should be assumed that this is known in Washington, London and Paris.

In principle, it must be said that international law is there to regulate dealings between states. It is more or less in accordance with the laws designed to prevent the big strong from tyrannizing the small weak. The bully who causes a fight will find himself in front of a judge and will be held responsible for injuries and damage he has caused to others.

Not in this case. Not yet.

In order to be able to carry out assassinations and robberies against other countries unhindered by public opinion, the United States of America introduced a so-called "humanitarian international law" and forced it upon the UN without, however, being able to get it included into the UN Charter. This so called "Right to Protect" ("R2P") apparently was intended to protect peoples from tyrants who "attack their own people". Who these tyrants were, was announced by Washington and its henchmen and the propaganda apparatus of the western presstitutes in each case and was hyped with excited uproar.

The stated purpose was to prevent a "new Hitler". Perhaps you still remember some of the new Hitlers: Slobodan Milosevic, Saddam Hussein, Muammar al-Gaddafi, Bashar al-Assad. The first three have been killed, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has not given in and thus is still alive - and Syria has the military backing of Russia, Iran and the Lebanese Hizbollah. Above all, Assad has the backing of the Syrian people, who have long recognised what is going on and who is aware about the terror that has been perpetrated against Syria for years. Similar to Vladimir Putin, the worst of the worst, if one believes in the presstitutes. He, too, has the vast majority of the Russian people behind him.

How it comes that countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, Israel, which have committed and still are committing crimes against peace, follow Hitler's footsteps and have murdered countless people all over the world, could act for decades as protectors of human rights, democracy and so on and thus lead humanity up the garden path, is not really mysterious, but largely unknown. The methods by which people can be manipulated and kept under control and be persuaded to believe to live in "democratic conditions" slowly are becoming known - the techniques in the fields of advertising/ propaganda/manipulation are highly developed and play an immense role in the implementation of the corresponding strategies.

Behind the whole theater there is a plan, as the NATO commander in chief in the war of aggression against Yugoslavia, Wesley Clark, let us know, when he announced, that to his surprise shortly after the beginning of the war of aggression against Afghanistan in 2001 he learned at the Pentagon of the decision to wage wars against Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finally against Iran in the coming years (> LINK).

If warlike attacks are carried out on the grounds of having to save someone, it can be assumed that the alleged masters of the world - in reality the international bullies with a murderously bloated military - are "defending" their aspirations to achieve world domination at any cost.

" Might makes Right," it says, and power also has the means and possibilities to build facades behind which it entrenches itself and hides. However, the facades are becoming increasingly worn and what is behind them is becoming increasingly apparent. Sometime they will collapse and the magic will break. You should at least keep in mind the possibility that you will get caught then yourself, too. You also might consider that it will be too late then to do something about the warmongers and their helpers who are preparing war ...

  16. April 2018  
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